Sunday, February 17, 2013

the commandment that should never be broken

Everyone has pet peeves and many of them, but I'm sure everyone also has one that really just drives them crazy. Mine is when people use incorrect grammar. Yes, I understand that some people may not have ever finished a formal education, and therefore, it isn't always their fault, but I believe that everyone should attempt to at least learn the basics. For instance, their, they're and there all have complete different meanings, as do were and we're and lay, laid, lie and lied.

Especially in my major of Public Relations, but certainly in all aspects of life, communication skills are key. Being able to speak and write well to represent yourself and your ideas are necessary to get through life and especially in today's job market.

Therefore, I believe that, at least for me, the eleventh commandment should be "Thou shalt not use incorrect grammar." Because our society today is so enveloped in technology, I tweeted my commandment. Obviously just me tweeting it doesn't make a huge difference, but if, say the Pope tweeted this as the eleventh commandment, he would have serious influence over a large population of the world, that is if he tweeted it before February 28.

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